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Collett Research Group

Atmospheric Chemistry / Air Quality Program
Study Results on Emissions from Oil and Natural gas operations

Garfield County North Front Range
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Characterizing Emissions from Natural Gas Drilling and Well Completion Operations in Garfield County, CO

CSU Press Release

    Our group collected and characterized emissions from three activities during new well development: drilling, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and flowback in Garfield County, CO.  We quantified air emission rates and dispersion of air toxics, ozone precursors and greenhouse gases during each of these processes.  Data collected in the study are available here.  The final study report is available through Garfield County's Air Quality Management website, here.

The CSU tracer release system positioned near emission sources at a flowback site. A drilling site can be seen in the background. (Photo courtesy of Kira Shonkwiler)

North Front Range Oil and Gas Air Pollutant Emission and Dispersion Study

CSU Press Release

    We designed this study to characterize and quantify emission rates and dispersion of air toxics, ozone precursors, and greenhouse gases from oil and gas operations in the Denver-Julesburg Basin on the northern Front Range of Colorado.  Based on a review of critical knowledge gaps and input from a study Technical Advisory Panel, particular focus was placed on quantifying emissions of individual volatile organic compounds (VOCs), methane, and ethane from oil and gas production sites and from hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and flowback, important steps in the completion of new wells.  Data collected in the study and the final report are available through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website, here.

Photo of CSU Plume Tracker during measurements from a production site. (Photo courtesy of Arsineh Hecobian)