AT 560 (2 Credits)

Air Pollution Measurement

Spring 2013

Instructor: Jeff Collett, 491-8697,, ATS 117

TA: Misha Schurman, 491-8555,, ACB 117

Office Hours: by Arrangement


1. Gain experience in several techniques commonly used in experimental air quality monitoring and research.

2. Become familiar with the process of designing, proposing, conducting, and reporting on independent research projects.

3. Learn to work with colleagues in conducting experiments and interpreting experimental data.


Readings will be provided by the instructor from various sources. These are intended to provide background for the experiments we will conduct. Additional handouts will be provided detailing procedures for each experiment.

Course Structure and Grading Criteria:

The course is offered for two credits. The class is conducted in a lecture/discussion and lab format and will meet Mondays 1:00-1:50 PM and Wednesdays 1:00-3:30 PM.

Each student is expected to provide a brief written summary and analysis of each experiment and to turn in a copy of records kept during the conduct of each experiment. Each student will be responsible for leading an oral discussion of one experiment following its completion.

Each student is responsible for proposing and completing an independent, individual or group research project. Each student will orally present project findings to the class. Students will also serve as reviewers of proposals submitted by their peers.

Grades will be weighted as follows:

Lab Write-ups: 60% Project proposal: 10%

Lab Oral Discussion: 10% Project and report: 20%

Students are expected to spend a minimum of 2 hr of effort outside class, for each hour of structured class time, on assigned readings, preparation of lab reports, and conduct of independent projects. This course will adhere to the CSU Academic Integrity Policy as found in the General Catalog ( and the Student Conduct Code ( ). At a minimum, violations will result in a grading penalty in this course and a report to the Office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services."
ATS 560 - Air Pollution Measurement

Spring 2013




Lecture (M)

Experiment (W)


January 23




Jan. 28, 30

Lab Safety

Lab #1: pH Measurement

lab #1 handout lab notebook suggestions pH meter manual Lab Safety Vid Lab Safety Handout


Feb. 4, 6


Lab #1 discussion

Project Intro


Feb. 11, 13

Atmospheric Aerosols/Sampling

Lab #2: Aerosol and trace gas sampling;


Feb. 18, 20

Intro to IC

Lab #3: IC calibration


Feb. 25, 27

Wet deposition

Lab #2 sample extraction and analysis


March 4, 6

Lab #3 Discussion

Lab #4: Precipitation Sampling


March 11, 13

Particle size distribution measurement

Project proposals due

Lab #5: Particle size distributions


March 18, 20

Spring Break


March 25, 27

Lab #2 & 5 discussions



April 1,3

Carbonaceous Aerosols

Lab #7: Carbonaceous aerosol analysis


April 8,10

Aerosol Mass Spectrometry

Lab #6: Aerosol mass spectrometer


April 15, 17

Lab #6 Discussion



April 22, 24

Lab #7 Discussion

Field Trip


April 29, May 1

Lab #4 Discussion



May 6, 8

Project Presentations

Project presentations

Useful references

Air Sampling Instruments, 9th Edition. American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2001.

Skoog, D. A.; D. M. West, and F. J. Holler. Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry. Seventh ed., Brooks/Cole Publishing; 1996. (there is a 2013 9th Edition now available)

Kulkarni, P., Baron, P.A. and K. Willeke (Editors). Aerosol Measurement Techniques. 3nd Edition. Wiley Interscience, New York, 2011.