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Collett Research Group

Atmospheric Chemistry / Air Quality Program
Department of Atmospheric Science
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado USA

Research Group Members

Jeffrey L. Collett, Jr. Professor
Katie Benedict Research Scientist II
Arsineh Hecobian Research Scientist II
Amy Sullivan Research Scientist II
Yong Zhou Research Scientist II
Emily Bian Postdoc (Co-Adviser Dr. Sonia Kreidenweis )
Shannon Irey Research Project Manager
Marwa El-Sayed Postdoctoral Fellow

I Ting Ku Ph.D. Student
Evelyn Bangs M.S. Student

Recent Group Alumni

Kira Shonkwiler Ph.D. 2018, Now at Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Yixing Shao M.S. 2018
Ashley Evanoski-Cole Ph.D. 2017, M.S. 2012, Now at St. Bonaventure University
Yury Desyaterik Research Scientist 2010-2016, Now at Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Andrea Clements Postdoctoral Scholar 2012-2016, Now at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Alexandra Boris Ph.D. 2016, Now at University of California, Davis
Noel Hilliard M.S. 2016, Now at Eastern Research Group, Inc.
Yi Li Ph.D. 2014, Now at the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Landan MacDonald M.S. 2014
Bradley Wells M.S. 2014, Now at MetStat
Prof. Taehyoung Lee M.S., Ph.D., Postdoc and Research Scientist (2000-2013), now at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Misha Schurman Boehm Ph.D. 2014, now at Colorado Mountain College
Katie Benedict Ph.D. 2012, Postdoc at U.C. Davis 2012-2014, now at Colorado State University
Xi (Doris) Chen Postdoc (2009-2012), now at U.S. EPA
Prof. Pierre Herckes Postdoc and Research Scientist II 1999-2004, now at Arizona State University
Florian M. Schwandner Research Scientist II 2006-2009, now at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jacqueline H. Carrillo
Postdoc and Research Scientist I
Suresh Raja [e-mail] Postdoc 2005-2007, now at Providence Engineering
Prof. Lynn Mazzoleni (Rinehart) Postdoc 2005-2007, now at Michigan Tech
Prof. Yan Liu Postdoc 2008-2009, now at Northern Michigan University
Yele Sun
sunyele (at)
Postdoc, now at Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Science
Xinhua Shen Ph.D. 2010, now postdoc at Michigan Tech.
Prof. Guenter Engling Ph.D. 2006, now at National Tsing Hua University
Hui Chang Ph.D. 2004
Prof. Derek Straub [e-mail] Ph.D. 2002, now at Susquehanna University
Katharine Moore [e-mail] Ph.D. 2002, now a Science and Technology Fellow in the California State Assembly
Amanda Holden M.S. 2011
Holcomb M.S. 2011, now at Air Resource Specialists
Leigh (Patterson) Munchak M.S. 2009, now at National Center for Atmospheric Research
Sarah Youngster [e-mail] M.S. 2005
Courtney A. Taylor (Gorin) [e-mail] M.S. 2004, now at AECOM
Steve Brown M.S. 2001, Ph.D. 2014, at Sonoma Tech, Inc.

Last updated: 4/13/2015