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Collett Research Group

Atmospheric Chemistry / Air Quality Program
Department of Atmospheric Science
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado USA

Ashley Evanoski-Cole
M.S. Atmospheric Science 2012, Colorado State University
B.S. Chemistry 2009, Susquehanna University

Ph.D. Student
evanoski (at) engr.colostate.edu

M.S. Thesis Title: Development and testing of a new semi-continuous aerosol composition instrument using aerosol microchip electrophoresis.


My Ph.D. research investigates aerosol in national parks near regions of oil and natural gas development. Funded by an EPA STAR fellowship and the National Park Service, a field campaign in the Bakken region in North Dakota and Montana was conducted to study the effects of oil and gas extraction activities on winter haze formation in this region. I've also been involved in field work conducted in Rocky Mountain National Park measuring the emissions from urban, agricultural and oil and natural gas sources in the park to study impacts such as nitrogen deposition.

My master's research involved the development of a new aerosol composition instrument that uses microchip capillary electrophoresis. Termed aerosol chip electrophoresis (ACE), this prototype instrument has been previously used to gain minute time resolved measurements of chloride, sulfate, nitrate and oxalate in ambient aerosol samples. My role in this collaborative project was field and laboratory testing. The small size, relatively low costs and high sensitivity give ACE the potential to be used in a variety of air quality monitoring programs to gain better temporal and spatial aerosol composition data.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time outdoors by hiking or skiing, depending on the season. My other interests include cooking, traveling, sharing my love of science with kids, and playing the bagpipes in the Northern Colorado Caledonia Pipe Band.


Evanoski-Cole, A.R., Gebhart, K.A., Sive, B.C., Zhou, Y., Capps, S.L., Day, D.E., Prenni, A.J., Schurman, M.I., Sullivan, A.P., Li, Y., Hand, J.L., Schichtel, B.A., and J.L. Collett, Jr. Composition and Sources of Winter Haze in the Bakken Oil and Gas Extraction Region. Atmos. Environ. Submitted.

Prenni, A.J., Day, D.E., Evanoski-Cole, A.R., Sive, B.C., Hecobian, A., Zhou, Y., Gebhart, K.A., Hand, J.L., Sullivan, A.P., Li, Y., Schurman, M.I., Desyaterik, Y., Malm, W.C., Schichtel, B.A., and J.L. Collett Jr. An Overview of the Bakken Air Quality Study and first results. Atmos. Chem. Physics Discussion. 15, 28749 - 28792, 2015.

Hecobian, A., Evanoski-Cole, A.R., Eiguren-Fernandez, A., Sullivan, A.P., Lewis, G.S., Hering, S.V., and J.L. Collett, Jr. Evaluation of a Sequential Spot Sampler (S3) for time-resolved measurement of PM2.5 sulfate and nitrate through lab and field measurements. Atmos. Measurement Technologies Discussion. 8, 10611-10633, 2015.

Bergauff, M.A.; Ward, T.J.; Noonan, C.W.; Migliaccio, C.D.; Simpson, C.D.; Evanoski, A.R.; Palmer, C.P. Urinary levoglucosan as a biomarker of wood smoke: Results of human exposure studies. J. of Exposure Sci. and Environ.Epidemiology. 20, 385-392, 2010.


European Geophysical Union 2016: Oral Presentation "Wintertime Air Quality Impacts from Oil and Natural Gas Drilling Operations in the Bakken Formation Region"

American Geophysical Union Conference 2015: Poster "Source Apportionment of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and PM2.5 Using Positive Matrix Factorization in Two National Parks Impacted by Oil and Natural Gas Drilling"

Front Range Air Pollution and Photochemistry Éxperiment (FRAPPÉ) Science Team Meeting 2015: Poster "Inorganic Aerosol and Gas Composition at Rocky Mountain National Park During FRAPPÉ: Measurements from a Monitor for Aerosol and Gases (MARGA) and other field instrumentation"

American Meteorological Society Atmospheric Chemistry Conference 2015: Oral Presentation "Impacts of Oil and Gas Development in the North Dakota Bakken Formation Region on Winter Particulate Matter and Associated Precursor Gases"

American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) Annual Conference 2014: Oral Presentation "Winter Fine Particle Haze Episodes in the Bakken Oil and Gas Production Region"

Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNet) Meeting 2014: Oral Presentation "Air Quality in the Bakken: Preliminary Data including MARGA measurements from Theodore Roosevelt National Park"

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2012: Poster "Using microchip electrophoresis for real-time aerosol composition measurements: Field study results from San Gorgonio Wilderness, California"

AAAR Annual Conference 2011: Poster "Semi-continuous Aerosol Composition Measurements using Aerosol Chip Electrophoresis"

National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2009: Abstract accepted "Development of a chemical tracer in urine to assess exposure to wood smoke in humans"

American Chemical Society National Meeting 2009: Poster "Development of a chemical tracer in urine to assess exposure to wood smoke in humans"; Poster "Thermodynamic analysis of inorganic aerosol and gas phase particles in ambient air in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania"

Pennsylvania Academy of Science Annual Meeting 2008: Poster "Analysis of the Impact of a Passive Treatment Site on Acid Mine Drainage in the Shamokin Creek"

Last updated:
November 16, 2016