Broomfield Soaring Eagle air quality monitoring trailer operated by Boulder A.I.R. and hosting the CSU PTR-MS.

Prof. Collett's group at CSU, in partnership with Ajax Analytics, has been monitoring air quality in Broomfield, Colorado, since Fall 2018. The goal of the monitoring is to assess air quality impacts from the development of several new large, multi-well oil and gas pads. Up to 18 fixed monitoring stations have been operated at various points in the study, to examine concentrations of air toxics, ozone precursors, and other VOCs near pads, in surrounding neighborhoods, and at regional background sites. Current monitoring includes collection of weekly-integrated VOC canisters, operation of APIS PID sensors with event-triggered VOC canister collection, high time resolution measurements of BTEX using a PTR-MS, and periodic deployment of the CSU mobile plume-tracker to identify and track emission plumes and their dispersion in nearby neighborhoods. More information about Broomfield's air quality monitoring program and copies of quarterly monitoring reports are available here.

Locations of oil and gas wellpads and air monitoring stations in Broomfield, Colorado